• Date
    18-19 April 2017
  • Place
    ECC Sokolniki
  • Delegates
    1000 +
  • Speakers
    60 +
Online & Offline Retail 2017



The most relevant and notable issues to be discussed at the Forum conference include: the state of the retail market and its key development trends, retailers’ key business strategies, convergence of online and offline retail, prospects for omni-channel commerce

Key speakers

During the conference and roundtables recognized experts will share their experience and inform about the results of successful projects implemented by the market leaders, discuss current problems and present their vision of the industry development prospects. Invaluable experience of industry experts is in the core of every event section.

Best exposition

A large-scale exhibition of specialized business solutions, equipment and technologies from the leading Russian and foreign companies will become one of the hits at the Forum. Meetings with the companies’ top executives at the exhibition booths form one of the most popular assets of the event.

Key audience

Only industry professionals are allowed at the event, so we are 100% sure of the quality of your prospective business contacts .
There is no doubt about the business development prospects for those participants who are deeply involved into the Forum activities.


  • 18 April
    Day 1
  • 19 April
    Day 2
  VIP-session. Retail 2017: business in today's realities. Successful cases. The views of top managers and strategists

The retailer's new growth strategies in today's realities - channels, niches, acquisition tools?

Market consolidation and expansion of national chains. Market landscape in 2017: expert opinion
Government regulation and self-regulation in the retail sector: interaction between the chain and suppliers in the light of amendments to the Law “On Trade”
How the new IT systems affect the chains' business and suppliers. From USAIS and Platon to GIS “Mercury”: additional burden or growth tools?

  Offline retail chains: strategy and tactics of successful business development

The “promo” problem in the retail chains: seeking the right solution. Mobile promo channel: prospects in the chains.

Retail chain business in New Normal conditions: the battle for traffic, average check and its repertoire
FMCG and private label chains' brands: how to strike the right balance
Web-analytics and personified marketing of omnichannel retailer: from theory to practical cases

  54-FL: From the "cloud" - on the ground

Challenges for the Russian retail set by the amendments to Federal Law 54-FZ. Can cloud technologies help solve them?

New POS-equipment and FDO. The readiness of the market to comply with Law 54-FZ
Online fiscalization in the chains and small retail: practical cases and success stories
The impact of changes in the legislation on the retail chains' business in the context of costs and potential profits. Gaining insight into the new opportunities.
Cloud POS-solutions and smart terminals: the user's and manufacturer's view.

  Technology and retail. Investments in IT as today's requirement

Self Checkout, vending and other self-service systems: news, cases, and prospective concepts. How far are we from the “store of the future”?

IT in retail: from CRM to biometrics. Focusing on business goals
Call-centers and direct marketing in the retail sector: changing technology, changing the result?
Collection and self-collection, optimization of cash cycle: looking at the leaders.

  Modern approaches to loyalty and marketing in retail

Evolution of loyalty programmes in retail business

Digital marketing: cases and trends in retail
Social networks and loyalty: myths and reality
Technological solutions for loyalty schemes

  Round Table: Retail on the unstable market. Who shall we sell to today and how? Who shall we sell to tomorrow and how?

What Russian customers want: myths and reality

The policy of suppliers and retailer chains against the background of falling demand
Import substitution in the FMCG segment: a spectacular slogan or a real chance
Configuration of the Russian retail market in 2020: forecasts

  Logistics and fulfillment as keys to the market

State regulation and logistics: PLATON and retail

The role of postal operators in the logistics market for retail
Logistics within the retail chain: the ways of optimization and business cases
IT solutions for the efficient management of warehouse and logistics processes

  E-grocery market: is crisis a time for a breakthrough?

How to catch up with Europe? The share of e-grocery in Russia is 0.01% of the total retail sales

Retailers and FMCG companies on the e-grocery market: confrontation or cooperation
Building online stores in the food segment: from concepts to practice
What to sell online in the food segment and how? Secrets, techniques, cases

Online & Offline Retail

During the conference and roundtables recognized experts will share their experience and inform about the results of successful projects implemented by the market leaders, discuss current problems and present their vision of the industry development prospects.


Staff of retailers, online-stores, airlines, tour operators, and fuel stations the participation and delegate package are free. Preliminary registration is a must. For employees of banks, businesses, non-bank credit institutions, etc., the participation fee is 615EUR.

  • Пшеннов
    Dmitry Pshennov

    “Today, retailers, and vendors, and partners start to show their interest again to sharing their impressions of the retail sector, its present and future.”

    Dmitry Pshennov, Fujitsu Russia&CIS

  • Ланько_спикер
    Yegor LANKO

    “The event is very interesting. First of all, it is exchange of experience and networking, where you get feedback from the horse's mouth. Good organization, everything is carefully thought out, the experience of the organizers is quite obvious…  I enjoyed using the mobile app very much!”

    Yegor Lanko, Azbuka vkusa

  • Осокин
    Andrey Osokin

    “Those are not mere reports. Those are meetings, new acquaintances, chatting with long-time colleagues from way back, exchange of information”

    Director for E-commerce Development, BAON

  • Шелуханов

    "An excellent platform! We wish you to hold such events more often. I wish you successful development. Thank you". Online Marketing Director, Tehnosila

  • Козлов
    Evgeny Kozlov

    PLUS-Forum is a large-scale conference with many participants, well-covered in the media. The event is widely discussed in social networks. It was very good to see companies that that present analytics and research data at the Forum. I also liked that people  in the conference hall are really interested in this.

    Yevgeny Kozlov, Twitter

  • Артюх
    Yaroslav Artyukh

    «First of all, PLUS-Forum is the point of assembly of all innovative retail technologies in use today. The Forum is very interesting, as I could find for the second time already; a significant event in Russia!»

    Yaroslav Artyukh, Magnit




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